Cedarclif Farm Goats and Sheep

Breeding background of our animals.

 The commercial herd is crossbred using fullblooded bucks. The herd consists of KikoXSpanish does, SavannaXNubian does, and KikoXSpanishXSavanna does. The Kiko bucks were bred by Egypt Creek Ranch from Mississippi. The Spanish buck was bred by Willingham Breeding in Texas. The Savanna bucks are from the England Family Ranch located in South Dakota.

The goat herd has been enrolled in the Kentucky State University GHIP program for several years.

Cedarclif Farm also has hair sheep. The Dorper rams are from Half Circle Six breeding from Texas. The Royal Whites ram is from Gloria McKee breeding in West Virginia. Currently the sheep flock consists of 45 ewes.

Cedarclif Farm was awarded the Innovative Farmers Award Winner 2013 National Goat Conf.

*Non-papered guardian dogs available - inquire for current availability.